Friday Frivolity: An iPod Shuffle (A Treat-Yourself-Day)

25 May 2007

Today, I get to go to my Spiritual Director, then down to the Seminary Co-Op and pick up $60-$80 worth of books (Beth gave me a novel and some poetry books; I’d like to pick up a few theological books, too), then back home to await our friend Jason on our way to Racine for a pre-baby shower dinner and night out with our friend Chris.

In honor of this, here’s an iPod shuffle:

  1. “Friends,” by Led Zeppelin, from Led Zeppelin III
  2. “Baba O’Riley,” by The Waco Brothers, from Down to the Promised Land, Disc 1
  3. “Steady B Loop Dub,” by Sublime, from Robbin’ da Hood.
  4. “Hurtin’ for ou Baby,” by Gene Vincent, from Be-Bop-A-Lula
  5. “Trilogy,” by Krondon & Phil, from Scion CD Sampler v. 8
  6. “James K. Polk,” by They Might Be Giants, from Factory Showroom
  7. “Do You Wana Dance,” by The Mamas and the Papas, from Greatest Hits
  8. “Her Majesty,” by The Beatles, from Abbey Road
  9. “We Dance,” by Pavement, from Wowee Zowee
  10. “Lose My Mind,” by Palliard, from Palliard


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