Friday Frivolity: An iPod Shuffle (Travelling Music)

18 May 2007

  1. “As I Rise,” by The Decemberists, from Her Majesty.
  2. “Mustt Mustt,” by Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, from Swan Song.
  3. “Are You Down,” by Lucinda Williams, from Essence.
  4. “Bone Machine,” by the Pixies, from Live in Chicago: 11/17/04.
  5. “When He Comes,” by Johnny Cash, from Love, God, Murder: Disc 2.
  6. “Fingeprints, by Leonard Cohen, from Death of a Ladies Man.
  7. “Wah Wah,” by George Harrison, from ??? (It’s off a mix CD.)
  8. “Plainsong,” by The Cure, from Disintegration.
  9. “Pancho and Lefty,” by Steve Earle, Townes van Zandt, and Guy Clarke, from Live at the Bluebird Cafe.
  10. “Silent Night,” by Sufjan Stevens, from Hark!: Songs for Christmas.

A puzzling and delightful shuffle as usual.

Today the Little Guy and I head to Southern Florida to visit his grandparents; Beth stays behind and gets to have the house to herself.

Likely no ‘blog post tomorrow, and I might squeeze one in Monday afternoon.  But that’s iffy.


One Response to “Friday Frivolity: An iPod Shuffle (Travelling Music)”

  1. ‘Wah Wah’ is from Harrison’s humongo four-disc early album All Things Must Pass. I like it too.

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