Besides the Ascension . . .

17 May 2007

it’s also my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me.  Thank you.

Although I like and enjoy my birthday quite a bit, when I teach on my birthday (as I usually do), I can’t make a big deal because my high school students would make it a ruse for disrupting and otherwise wasting class.  So, for most of my day, my birthday will be celebrated quietly.

What really surprises me about my birthday is how little I care about how old I am now.  I am 29 today.  I’ve seen many people be very excited about getting older.  I’ve seen people dread getting older.  And both these feelings seem to come to a head about the time of the birthday.

Yet for me they are surprisingly absent.  I’m ambivalent about getting older, but I’m pretty damn excited about living.


4 Responses to “Besides the Ascension . . .”

  1. Jason Says:

    A very happy birthday, sir!

  2. Tripp Says:

    Happy Birthday, hermano!

  3. Kelly Says:

    Yeah for Jorge!

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