This Weekend’s iPod Shuffle

11 May 2007

  1. “Sweet Baby James,” by James Taylor, from Greatest Hits
  2. “Call Your Name,” by The Mamas & the Papas, from Greatest Hits
  3. “Simple Twist of Fate,” by Bob Dylan, from Blood on the Tracks
  4. “#3” by Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals from Live From Mars, Disc 2
  5. “Ik Pal Chein Na Awey,” by Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, from Swan Song: His Final Performance, Disc 2
  6. “Only Time will Tell,” by Bettye Lavette, from I’ve Got My Own Hell to Pay
  7. “Choir Vandals,” by The American Analog Set, from Know By Heart
  8. “Bembelequa,” by Celia Cruz, from Irrepetible
  9. “Rock Paper Scissors,” by Ani DiFranco, Reveling: Reckoning, Disc 2
  10. “Talk of the Town,” by The Pretenders, from The Singles

An interesting mix, this one.


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