Blogroll Update

3 May 2007

Not sure if they’ll be much more by way of posting today. A brief update to the blogroll; I direct you to some links I’ve added in the last few weeks.

Antony Hanson’s Coming to the Quiet

Chris Tessone’s Even the Devils Believe

Derek the Ænglican’s haligweorc

Chris Duckworth’s The Lutheran Zephyr

David Koyzis’ Notes from a Byzantine-Rite Calvinist

James Farrenberg’s Paradosis

Clifton Healy’s This is Life!


2 Responses to “Blogroll Update”

  1. Good choices: as you know I read Chris and Derek a lot and should read more of Paradosis now that I’ve found it.

    (In this entry: capitalise the A in Ames and you need to fix the URL in that link here.)

  2. Fogey,

    Thanks for the copy-editing. How much do you charge?

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