Saint Meme

30 April 2007

No, that’s not a new saint dug up from the nooks and crannies of tradition. Tripp tagged me to name my favorite blessed saint, my favorite person who ought to be a saint, and four other favorite saints.

Favorite Blessed Saint(s)

There’s a tie here: Benedict and Mary the Mother of God. As a kid and young adult, I always had trouble with Mary, especially the way she was portrayed both in the literature and art. She seemed really uninteresting and uninspiring. Maybe it’s becoming a parent or reading about really different takes on Mary, but I really like Mary now.

Favorite Person Who Ought to Be a Saint

Tripp already snagged Thomas Merton, but he would be my pick, too. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is commemorated on the Episcopal Church’s and ELCA’s calendars.

Four Favorite Saints

  1. Saint George (for obvious reasons)
  2. St. Simon Stylites
  3. St. Joseph of Cupertino
  4. St. Gregory of Nyssa.

Tagged: Larry, Fogey, and Sr. Julie.


One Response to “Saint Meme”

  1. As I blogged in an earlier saints meme the Mother of God is a tough one because she’s is a class (hyperdulia) all by herself above the other saints and her importance is entirely theological – biographically we know little about her.

    Thanks for tagging me.

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