Peace in Our Time?

25 April 2007

Even crooks can be noble.  I speak not of Sandals at the Gate’s Brother K, but of the author and speaker of the words he quotes.

I wonder if the nobility of his or any politician’s words —especially come steppin’-down time— are sincere or simply an attempt to leave a noble legacy, to place an honorable capstone.

Nixon was an enemy of democracy and a bad politician.  Could he have been a goof person?  Sure.  May he have been so politically crooked because he believed so strongly in the good he wished to do?  Maybe.  Anything’s possible.

It strikes me funny how the radical improvement of the world (what Christians would call the Kingdom of God) always seems just around the corner.  And yet, clearly, we haven’t gotten there yet.

The Christian paradox is that we are always making the Kingdom of God which never seems to get here.  I think I see the wisdom of God here in fleeting glimpses, as God gets us to do good and accomplish good that we don’t quite understand at the time.  I’m not saying that what Nixon did was good, but that people doing good in the world can see little change in their time, while having truly moved mountains that they cannot see.

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