Managing Sabbath

20 April 2007

Tripp and several of his friends have read Wayne Muller’s book on Sabbath.

I have a great challenge managing Sabbath.  Part of my problem is that I work four days a week.  When I do the math, I’m at work (either at home or actually at school) between 30 and 42 hours during those Monday to Thursday periods.

Thus, I have three days off a week.  Should Friday be my Sabbath?  Saturday?  Sunday?

I often try to treat Friday as a day to get things done around the house, but I often fail.  Managing Sabbath is hard.  Sometimes I go overboard and laze about, wasting time.  Sometimes I work too much and make myself overtired.

Maybe I should read Wayne Muller.

2 Responses to “Managing Sabbath”

  1. Tripp Says:

    Read Wayne. It is a bit basic, but read Wayne.

  2. Beth Says:

    Yeah, we need a plan, Kid.

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