Tuesday! Weird Meme

17 April 2007

(tagged by Tripp)

List six weird things about yourself:

  1. I love every tofu-ish meat substitute I’ve ever tried.
  2. I tend to enjoy fasting.
  3. I think watching curling or golf on television to be enjoyable, worthwhile ways to spend an afternoon.
  4. I find vexillology fascinating.
  5. I enjoy marmite and would welcome any help procuring some for my consumption.
  6. I hate sudoku (Since everyone else seems to love them, I guess that’s weird).

It may be that these aren’t actually weird, but just nerdy. In any event, I like them. Or hate them in the case of Number Six.

The following should consider themselves tagged:

  1. Fr. Jim
  2. Larry
  3. Rich
  4. Smith (If he’s around and feels up for it.)
    1. 4b. If Smith doesn’t reply, Fr. Stephanos is tagged.
  5. Sr. Julie
  6. Arturo Antony Hanson

Ah, the frivolity of the blogosphere!


6 Responses to “Tuesday! Weird Meme”

  1. Rich Murray Says:

    My items are up, J. Took a while but then I got into it. Thanks!

  2. Tripp Says:

    Blessed frivolity!

  3. I love vexillology too, marmite is one thing I don’t miss about England and I don’t ‘get’ sudoku.

  4. Okay … the suspense of wondering if “Smith” has found out he’s been tagged and has accepted it … and in order to end my obsessive checking on that by coming back to this post, here goes.


    I forgot to bring soap and shampoo on a trip once. My host’s guest-bathroom had only baby wash. Ever since then I’ve used nothing else.

    When someone asks me what I wear under my monastic habit, I reply, “What do you wear under your clothes?”

    When I make coffee for myself, I make it double strength, but then add an equal amount of cold water so that I can chug-a-lug. It’s a drug, not a beverage.

    At a family camp, someone stuck a video camera in each person’s face and asked, “Do you fold, roll, or crumple?” I twist.

    I had an epiphany about “rubrical grace” while a guest at an Urasenke cha-no-yu. Mass has never been the same.

    I do both sudoku and memes, offering them up for the conversion of heretics.

  5. Wow, Father Stephanos, you’re weird. Even for a monk. Thanks for playing (and for Number Six!).

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