New Beginnings . . .

16 April 2007

Earlier today I posted about the things I have returned to, but there are also many new beginnings.

Yesterday, Beth was baptized. Hooray and blessings to her. It was a long and serious period of discernment, and she is quite happy to be baptized. This is a pretty big new beginning for her. If she wants to relate anything about the experience, I hope she shares it in comments to this post.

I am struck by how much I enjoy my job. Granted, I’m on campus but have yet to actually teach a class today. Today is the beginning of the high school’s stretch run; between today and the end of the year we have approximately 24 days of class, or six full weeks. Class trips (of varying lengths: the sophomores get a day or two, the juniors two or three, and the seniors a full week) will cut into that, but it’s about a month and a half of class left.

Although I would much rather be at home putzing around and helping Beth and the Little Guy do what they do, I am happy to be back at school. It takes being back on campus for me to realize how restful the Passover break actually was. I feel ready to teach again. I feel ready to deal with my students even if they are unruly. And that is saying something.


One Response to “New Beginnings . . .”

  1. I’m so happy for you both!

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