. . . Many Returns

16 April 2007

Today is a day of many returns. I return to using my Benedictine Daily Prayer instead of my old Roman Breviary (I pray with the Breviary during Lent and the first week of Easter). It is a nice feeling to be back praying with the book I use about 44 weeks a year. Shorter offices, different offices, and a type of breviary I feel I connect a little more with, since it emphasizes monastic saints.

Today I also return to teaching. There’s a little prep to do and a little grading, but overall I think it’s going to be an easy day. Some AP multiple-choice prep for my seniors, a little ACT/SAT prep for my juniors and sophomores, and my composition students (both freshman and advanced) will be reading essays I’ve read with them before. Nothing earth shattering, and nothing difficult. Perfect for the first day back.

This is Eastertide. The octave of Easter is very different from the rest of the Easter season. For one, the offices of the Roman Breviary which I pray during the octave are as short as they ever get: Opening versicles, then psalms, then a canticle (at Lauds and Vespers), a prayer, and the closing versicles, and you’re done. No little chapter. No hymn. No litanies. No extra prayers. The triple “Alleluia” is all you use for antiphons in the minor hours. It’s different and nice from the long and somber Lenten offices.

This will be a full week with the return to teaching and readjusting to a typical teaching schedule. We will see how it works.

I’m going to resume more typical, essayistic posts in the coming days.


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