. . . let her be ANATHEMA!

10 April 2007

My lovely, beautiful, soon-to-be-baptized wife, Beth, has uttered blasphemy and wreaked untold sacrilege upon one of the most sacred symbols of the Paschal mystery.

I speak not of the empty tomb.

Nor of the triumphant lamb.

Nor of any wonder-working or non-wonder-working icon of the Passion, Crucifixion, Descent into Hell, nor the Resurrection.

I speak of the Cadbury Creme Egg.

My wife says they are gross.  I say this is unholy disregard for tradition.

As stated by the Seventh-and-a-Half Semi-Sweet-to-Really-Not-at-All-Ecumenical Council of Khersche:

Canon XXCIV:  We affirm that the chocolate shell of the Egg represents the Tomb, the inner white the cloud of witnesses to the Resurrection found in all times and places, and the inner golden yolk the Trinity and the Theotokos; by their consumption of the Egg during the Paschaltide, the faithful participate in a symbolic but laudable manner in the defeat of death and the participation in the communion of saints:

should  anyone deny this, let him be anathema!

Please, anyone who understand the seriousness of this situation and is familiar with this and the related canons of the council, please comment on this ‘blog and urge my wife to desist from her error and consume the canonically mandated (in Canon XXCVI) two Cadbury Creme Eggs.

3 Responses to “. . . let her be ANATHEMA!”

  1. Larry Says:

    Sorry you maybe alone on this one. I am not familiar with this council nor its canons. And I agree with Beth. 😉

  2. Tripp Says:

    But that is the Covenant protestant in you, Larry. Quite unorthodox. The Cadbury Egg is the sugary equivalent to the uncreated light.

  3. Your Wife Says:

    Not gonna do it. Not eating those damned things. They’re icky.

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