“St. Anthony Find It; St. Anthony Keep It . . . “

3 April 2007

That’s the beginning of a simple prayer that I think Sr. Beatrice (or at any rate, one of the sisters at my grammar school) taught me to say when I couldn’t find something.  She taught me —or at least, this is what I remember and do now— is to say “St. Anthony find it; St. Anthony keep it; St. Anthony put it before my two eyes” three times, then an Our Father, a Hail Mary, a Glory Be, and then repeat the St. Anthony bit three times.

I’ve posted on “magical thinking” before, and using this prayer certainly seems to be magical thinking.  It directly asks a saint to do something, not just pray for me/us.  I can rationalize it by saying that what I’m actually praying for is for St. Anthony to pray to God for help finding my keys.  I think this might be a stretch.

But I still pray this prayer when I lose something important, something like my keys.  Sure enough, I lost my keys this morning.  I took a little time after everybody was at work or with the babysitter to pray to St. Anthony and look for my keys.  I had looked everywhere they might be: my closet (where its companion, my wallet, was found this morning), the Little Guy’s room, and my desk/office.

I look in the first two places after praying to St. Anthony, and then tackle my office:anthony1.jpg

I pick up every paper, book, and stack on my desk, rifle through them, and nothing.  I try to check the drawers, I even check behind my desk, which I had looked through before:

(images disallowed by WordPress’s security features)

Lo and behold!  Beneath my unbrella’s point (you can see its handle on the right edge of the above photo by the wall) are my keys.  How I did not hear them fall last night, how they got under the point of my umbrella, are beyond me.

St. Anthony works, folks.  Maybe its un-Christian, but it works.  I took pictures to prove it, but they won’t upload.  I guess Someone (not St. Anthony here) don’t want me to show you.

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