A Busy Day on the (Transferred) Feast of the Annunciation

26 March 2007

Ugh.  What a busy day.  I need to go to school early today —very early, considering I don’t actually teach a class until 3:00pm— and photocopy a ton of materials for my Intro. to World Lit. class I’m teaching in the Spring term.  It’s one of those things that could take me an hour or it could take me four depending on if other people need the copier and the copier works as it should.   One final late teaching night, and I’m off for Pesach break.  Thank the Lord.   It’s going to be a long night for Beth, too, since the Little Guy didn’t go to sleep very easily last night, and Beth had trouble going to sleep, too.

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation.  Well, yesterday was, but it was a Sunday of the First Sunday of the Passion according to the old, pre-Vatican II rubrics, which is what my Lenten Breviary goes by.  According to some of the rubrics, some of the “Glory Be’s” have disappeared, but the Feast calls for them in the short responses at the various hours.  What to do?  It is, after all, Passiontide!

In some sense, this is what the Vatican II reforms were all about: simplifying the calendar and rubrics so people don’t spend time fussing about them.  I’m just going to wing it and not worry about it.

Happy Annunciation all!

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