Coffeehouse Chat with the Rector: A Post-Vivam

31 January 2007

Initially, I wanted to call subtitle this post, “A Post-Mortem,” but that seems to much of a downer.

As I said in a previous post, we arranged to meet at a local coffeeshop.  I gave her a succinct version of the Wingèd Man’s Faith Journey and shared with her my sense that I may be called to ordained ministry, but that right now I want to be obedient to the call with patience and discernment.

Her feedback was great, and she’s invited me to begin participating in the inquirer’s class (which unfortunately meets on Monday nights, when I teach) as well as in the life of the church as I am able.

Leaving the meeting, I felt unbelievably happy.  When I got to school, I prayed Sext and added the Te Deum, which is a customary prayer of thanksgiving.

Merton often talks about praying the Te Deum in thanksgiving for things; if you’re thankful, pray the Te Deum!


6 Responses to “Coffeehouse Chat with the Rector: A Post-Vivam”

  1. Rich Murray Says:

    Any mention of the blog is curiously missing….?

  2. Oh yeah, I let her know about the ‘blog. She says she’ll look at it when she needs to procrastinate while writing her sermon.

  3. Tripp Says:

    I so love her. And I am glad to hear that you two had a good conversation!

  4. She’s a good priest and a good pastor. I think we’ll probably get together again closer to Lent to try to hammer out the whole inquirer’s class thing.

    It’s clear that she is simultaneously very God-centered and very people-centered, which means she’s Incarnationally-centered, which is, in my humble theological opinion, is the most vital Christian posture we can assume.

  5. Tripp Says:

    So very humble. Yes.


  6. Okay, my not-so-humble theological opinion.

    I’m working on it, you Calvinist!

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