My Students Ask Me a Vocational Question . . .

23 January 2007

but not the kind you’d think.

Yesterday, at the beginning of my AP English class, one of my students came up to me and asked, “So, Mr. Sánchez, do you consider teaching an extension of your learning?  Or do you think of them as separate?”  I replied, “Yes, my teaching is an extension of my learning.  They are not separate.”  He followed up with, “Given a choice, do you prefer learning or teaching?”  “I think I still have a lot to learn, plus I find learning more personally fulfilling, so I would say I prefer learning, although I enjoy teaching very much,” I replied.

“Oh man,” he exclaimed.  “You’re totally a Christian Kollel guy.”


2 Responses to “My Students Ask Me a Vocational Question . . .”

  1. Tripp Says:

    Ah, yeah. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our Jewish roots show. Perhaps we should use more henna? I don’t know.

    Sign me up!

  2. Henna. Staying away from the Psalms, might help distance Christians distance themselves from their Jewish roots, but who wants to stay away from the Psalms?

    It would be interesting to launch a Christian Kollel movement.

    What it would mean is that formal (insofar as a Kollel is formal) religious study for adults would not necessarily be vocational, as many Kollel students don’t become rabbis.

    Also, while in Kollel you get paid for learning (as well as teaching and some other stuff, but mostly learning), which might make further religious study possible for people who are so inclined.

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