From Today’s Readings at Vigils

17 January 2007

Let each of you remain in the condition in which you were called.                                            -from The First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians.

This  verse leapt out at me during Vigils this morning.  In context, Paul is telling the Corinthians: if one is unmarried, stay unmarried; if one is married, stay married; circumicised, stay circumcised; uncircumcised, stay circumcised.  Do not change to change, but follow the Lord’s call and remain what you were when you were called.

This pertains to that old topic My Current Denominational Situation.  In my most recent conversations with my pastor, it became clear that many of my beliefs and inclinations were not particularly Lutheran, and that somehow I needed to conform myself to these Lutheran beliefs to truly be Lutheran.  This move toward conformity at odds with the movements of my heart seemed wrong.

When was I called?  During the last sermon of the former pastor at MyChurch, when he said, “The time of Protestantism is over.  Let it go.”  As I’ve spent time at MyChurch, it seems that much of Protestantism wants to remain Protestant, especially their particular kind of Protestant, instead of embracing and honoring the very diversity in their midst.  At that moment, I feel as if something switched for me.  The liberal-Catholic-cum-Protestant cranky mish-mosh that is the Wingèd Man was born.

Being true to what you were when you were called.  Is this is still applicable today?  Am I properly living this little bit of scripture by leaving the Lutheran Church?

My first impulse is to say yes, but I am aware that I may be wrong.


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