Weekend Retreat

12 December 2006

Last weekend, I went on a retreat. Well, sort of, at least.

The weekend was refreshing, although not exactly restful; I was tired by the end of it, but not exhausted.

The weekend was full of a kind of silence: not much by way of conversation, really, but lots of asking questions and attempting to discern . . . well, whatever counts as a response from him.

A significant amount of Church for three days, even going twice on Sunday!

Time was set aside for some cooking (a squash) and some work (printing the manuscript and application packets for two teaching jobs), and even some reading (Shouting at No One (a book by Lawrence Joseph), several chapters of von Balthasar’s Dare We Hope that “All Men are Saved?” and a bit of Zucker’s The Last Clear Narrative.  A poem was written, and even a bit of journaling.

Patience was practiced, but also hope and expectation for someone’s coming, and beautifully sweet moments of tenderness as well.

It might sound as if I went off to a monastery retreat center this weekend, but I didn’t.  I spent the weekend more or less alone with the Little Guy; a weekend alone with a toddler can be oddly spiritual.

My wife was gone to visit her aunt, who is ailing.  Please pray for my wife, her aunt, and her family.


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