Advent Resolution Update

11 December 2006

So, I’ve collected about two trash bags (kitchen, not yard) of clothes: shirts, t-shirts, shorts, ties, and a pair of suspenders.

I’m down to seven (six, plus one I will wear only for special occasionss) dress shirts, six long-sleeve shirts, four short-sleeve shirts, and about 32(!) ties. These do not count about six special items of clothing: my three suits,  my two guayaberas, and a jersey.

In the meantime, I’ve also resolved to pare down to ten pairs of socks, ten pairs of underwear, and ten undershirts. Check, check, and . . . hey, where’d all my white undershirts go?  Turns out I only have ten undershirts, plus one white undershirt.  Hmm . . . .

I resolved earlier to go down to twelve ties; suprisingly, this is going to be the most difficult step. I have two tie holders that each accomodate sixteen ties. I wanted to go down to one tie holder. I have about nine or ten bowties, only one of which I’m going to get rid of.

I’ve put one tie ( a black one) with my “journeying habit” (i.e., suit) that I wear only for special occasions. This leaves about 20 or more long neckties. Many of them have sentimental attachment, since they have almost all come from my father. He wouldn’t care if I purged them, but I’m a little attached.

I’m suprisingly attached to these ties. Maybe I’ll cut myself a break and let myself keep both tie organizers. Thoughts?

Also, I don’t know how many of you out there wear suspenders, but how does one store them? I have four pairs, one of which I’m chucking, but I’ve never found a satisfactory way to keep them organized. I put them on a peg in my closet, but they always end up sliding off. Suggestions?


4 Responses to “Advent Resolution Update”

  1. Storing suspenders.

    If they’re the kind that have clips, clip each set to itself to form a loop, and hang it on the peg that way.

    If they have no clips, you can just tie each set in a very loose knot and hang it on the peg.

  2. They are the non-clip kind. I never thought of tying them in knots.

    A simple, common sense solution. Thanks.

  3. David Says:

    Can’t help you with the ties. All mine are on hangers in the closet and keep falling off.

    Every time I go through and empty out all the clothes I never wear, I notice my side of the closet gets even fuller with clothes….women’s clothing! Mrs. has more than I can shake a stick at.

  4. Honestly, I’d like to keep my clothes at these levels: 6 dress shirts, 6 more casual shirts, 6 pants, 2 pairs of jeans, etc.

    The next time I get a new garment: out something goes!

    I love it.

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