WMMDRSG: Slowly Gearing Back Up

29 November 2006

I don’t know how many of you out there are also reading Moby-Dick, but I’m slowly getting back to speed.  The beginning of my reading of Moby-Dick coincided with the Little Guy’s nap strike; as his sleep patterns are returning to something resembling normal, I have begun reading the Novel again.  Slowly, surely.

One thing that has struck me is how funny Melville is.  He’s funny in a cereberal, über-geeky way, but funny nonetheless.


3 Responses to “WMMDRSG: Slowly Gearing Back Up”

  1. Tripp Says:

    His work has an element of satire in it. Notice that?

  2. An “element” for sure, an essential element.

    We normally think of satire as focused on a particular target (e.g., the Daily Show, or the classical Horatian and Juvenalian satires), but the a general satire of human beings, their ways, and their values, is something far more difficult, a more skillful enterprise.

    There’s a thin line between true Minnepean satire and a lampoon of society and culture. The latter simply parrots and makes fun, while the former manages to make fun while actually saying something.

    Moby-Dick: slow-going, but pretty damn good.

  3. Tripp Says:

    It is a genius work to be certain. Part of the intelligence of it is that (chalk it up to pennies per word) but Melville takes his time in developing the characters and thus the satire as well. And that patience is what intrigues me.

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