Proudly “Throwing My Vote Away”

7 November 2006

I don’t think I’ve gone on this particular diatribe lately, or at least in this space, although I’m probably sure I’ve done it in a comment on the Anglo-Baptist’s navel gazing.

I’m going to throw my vote away today.  Again.  Not in a Congressional race, as I’ll be voting for the assured winner there, and without a Senate race in Illinois this year, I won’t have an opportunity to do so in an election to a seat of that august body.  I’m throwing away my vote in a gubernatorial race.  I’m voting for Rich Whitney.

Rich Whitney is a Green candidate for Illinois embroiled in lawsuits with the Democratic party because the Dems want him off the ballot.  They believe —rightly— that more progressive voters will cast their ballot for a Green instead of a Democrat given the choice.  Had Rich Whitney not run, I would vote for Blagojevich, but I feel I must vote my conscience.

I’ve known many thinking, educated, liberal people who reasoned their way to voting for Gore or Kerry because, “the election was too close,” despite the fact that A) they lived in an electorally solid Democratic state and B) they actually disagreed with Gore or Kerry.  They bought into the notion of “strong victories,” that even if you knew the Democratic candidate would win your state, voting third party was still a bad idea, because a landslide was better than a squeaker, a notion propagated by the less-than-liberal NDC.  Or they bought into the notion that their vote could affect a national majority in the popular vote, and thus should vote for a Democrat.  Both these notions are non-constitutional and imaginary, as it doesn’t matter how much you win by, as the Bush administration has proven, you can still rule anyway you want.

I  refuse to vote for someone I don’t believe in for the sake of “the lesser of two evils.”  I’m voting Green.


3 Responses to “Proudly “Throwing My Vote Away””

  1. Jason Says:

    Well, we will waste our votes together. Maybe if enough people waste their votes, at least the Dems will get the message. A week or so ago, Whitney was polling at 13%. That seems incredibly high for an independent. I think the Greens were just hoping for 5%.

  2. justin Says:

    That makes three wasted votes!

    And more. I sent out a mass email last week telling people about Whitney, and since then I have had about 10 people thanks me for sending it out…they voted for him, also.

    11% is an amazing showing for a 3rd party candidate. Outside of Leiberman in CT, Whitney did the best of all 3rd party candidates I have seen

  3. Chris Says:

    I can’t vote in Illinois anymore, but I know that my dad was voting Whitney because of the same reasons you all stated above. The four of you voted together!

    In a tighter race in WI I had to vote for Doyle who is good, but too moderate for me. The Green candidate looked great, but Republican Mark Green wanted to allow people to carry guns in public so I had to make sure he didn’t get in.

    And thankfully he was squashed.

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