What is your Theological Worldview?

4 November 2006

You scored as Roman Catholic. You are Roman Catholic. Church tradition and ecclesial authority are hugely important, and the most important part of worship for you is mass. As the Mother of God, Mary is important in your theology, and as the communion of saints includes the living and the dead, you can also ask the saints to intercede for you.

Roman Catholic


Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan




Neo orthodox


Modern Liberal




Classical Liberal


Reformed Evangelical




What's your theological worldview?
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I’m a little late on this one, as everyone else has done this thing by now, but here are the results. No surprise on the big one. I’m pretty much still catholic, maybe even Catholic, as Larry observed. I guess Tripp was right to put me in the Arminian Seminary on his page, as 71% of my answers were consistent with Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan traditions, which are influenced or close to the theology of Arminius. Right? Pastors and seminarians, help me out here.

And then the surprise. No, not the Postmodern/emergent, but the Neo-orthodox. Granted, I’ve never read Barth or his fellows, but I’ve never thought I fit into their camp. That with the Wesleyan stuff . . . maybe I should read a little Barth. Methodists out there, what say you?

Low scores on Pentecostal/Charismatic, Modern and Classical Liberal, Reformed Evangelical, and Fundamentalist. Again, no surprise.

Happy Wedding Day, Bryn and Tim!

Today, in the Phoenix Botanical Garden, Bryn Chancellor and Timothy Winkler, are getting married.

Hooray, Bryn and Tim!


3 Responses to “What is your Theological Worldview?”

  1. Pastor David Says:

    I wound up as Roman Catholic/Neo-Orthodox. I think the test is a little loaded — there’s no “Lutheran” category, or Eastern Orhtodox.

  2. The test is definitely deficient, but I find it interesting nonetheless.

  3. Beth Says:

    Hey! I was an emergent/postmodern–whatever the hell that means.

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