Be It Resolved!

28 October 2006

I have resolved that, upon our return from Phoenix next weekend, I will begin reading Moby Dick, and to that end hereby commission, inaugurate, and otherwise form the Wingèd Man’s Moby Dick Reading Support Group (hereafter WMMDRSG).

Membership in WMMDRSG will be open and flatulent (?!); all others wishing to embark in reading Moby Dick and joining in my observations of this Great American Novel are welcome.

Feast: Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles

Today is the feast of Simon and Jude, Apostles. According to tradition, they were an evangelizing team, but who they evangelized is not clear. Some accounts say Egypt, then Persia, and finally Armenia, where they were martyred. Other accounts have Simon going as far away as Britain. Apparently every saint of the Apostolic age has some story of them getting to Britain; I am curious what this tells us about Britain. Or Apostles.

Cheney’s True Colors

So he’s finally said it, however obliquely: water-boarding is a “no-brainer.”

What a pig.


One Response to “Be It Resolved!”

  1. Tripp Says:

    Think about the confluence available to us. Cheney as Ahab. It works. Now, who will be Quequeg? That is the question. After Kuo’s work, it may be the Religious Right!

    I will join you in the reading of Moby. I will also be reading Sabbath by Wayne Muller. Both should be good.

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