Snotty Nose = No Post

21 October 2006

The Little Guy has been rising 30 minutes to an hour earlier the last few days due to a snotty nose; consequently, my pre-toddler morning time has shrunk a little bit, and this morning I forgot to set my alarm clock, resulting in the Little Guy’s sad, congested whimpering rousing me from sleep.

So, today there’s no post of any real substance.  Instead, I offer links to some interesting stuff:

Lee at verbum ipsum links a Top-50 Evangelical reading list; some of it is downright awful stuff, and some of it has not been digested,

Peter of Daily Bread has a few posts about his trip to England as part of a visitation to a Benedictine house there.

Stephanos at Me Monk.  Me Meander. (who I often disagree with) has some interesting posts about the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, football players, and Baptist Catholicity.

Larry at Priestly Goth also has some pretty great posts, most notably about sustainable agriculture and  Gothic art.

Okay, that’s it.  I’m going to stop blogging for sabbath; see you Monday.


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