The Realities of Life

16 October 2006

One of the reasons that the first three weeks of this blog have been so lively is that I’ve been on vacation. Kind of. The first week of the ‘blog’s life was during the last week before the Yom Kippur/Succoth break, and the last two weeks have been that break.

Term time has returned. I cannot promise that blogging will be as consistent or even as interesting from now on. But check back in. I might surprise.

Slanted and Enchanted

I’ve become absolutely mesmerized by the chant available on this page. Click on the little speaker. It is the Apolytikion of St. Anthony, which according to the monks of St. Anthony Monastery, is the apolytikion for any monastic saint with Anthony’s name dropped in. Here follows my translation:

With the streams of your tears
of lonely barenness, you cultivated;
and with groanings out of the depths
of a hundred toils, you bore fruit;
and became the Illuminator
of the world, enlightening with wonders,
Anthony, our father, holy elder.
Christ of God, save our souls.

Feast: Teresa of Avila

(Yesterday was the feast of Saint Teresa of Avila; I post this today because of my Blogging Sabbath and because I am a “transferer,” and move most feasts that fall on a Sunday to the next day.)

Although there are many Saints Teresa, sometimes who spell their names differently, this is the one people usually think of when you say “Saint Teresa.” I went to a grammar school (K-8) named after another Saint Teresa —the one of Lisieux, the Little Flower— and I was always mystified that somehow nobody knew who my Saint Teresa was. As a kid, whenever someone would mention a Saint Teresa, I’d always prick my ears and see what they were saying, but it always turned out they were not talking about my Saint Theresa (of Lisieux), but Saint Teresa of Avila.

And with good reason: although Saint Theresa (of Lisieux) is important to help remember that one can be active in God’s plan even when one cannot leave the walls of one’s convent, Saint Teresa (of Avila) reformed the Carmelite order and left us many mystical writings as well.

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