Meta-Wingèd: One Week On

28 September 2006

This blog is a week old and doing pretty well. It’s allowed me to write and remain intellectually vigorous in the face of a pretty heavy teaching schedule. Such was the goal of this blog. People seem to be reading and enjoying what I write, which is icing on the proverbial cake.

My First Academic Appointment

Tripp the Anglo Baptist has appointed me to the Pablo Neruda Chair of Political Science and Benedictine Spirituality.

Although I am honored by the appointment, I am most intrigued by the appointment’s adminstrative home in the Arminian and Yet Reformed Theological Seminary of Sjlbvdnzv at the University of Blogaria—Sjlbvdnzv Campus.  As I said to the Tripp, presumably the University’s President

So . . . I’m Arminian yet Reformed . . . I am certainly a semi-Pelagian with Augistinian ambivalences . . . yep, that’s pretty much an ELCA Lutheran,

A Little More on Matthew

st-matthew.jpgGeorge Poulos, in Orthodox Saints and as quoted on the website of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, states that

[a]ny reference to the Apostle St. Matthew, author of the first book of the New Testament, is made with such solemnity and reverence that speaking of him as a man seems almost sacrilegious, so close to the divine is he considered.

Poulos goes on to say that Matthew, a tax collector when called, was likely viewed with “little but contempt” and only the “divine insight of Christ” allowed this man to be called to the service of God and humanity. Poulos also calls Matthew “the most intellectual of the twelve” and notes that he was martyred in Ethiopia (south of the Caspian Sea in Asia, not Africa).


2 Responses to “Meta-Wingèd: One Week On”

  1. revabi Says:

    I saw that, and I made you a UMC, not ELCA Luthern. My apologies.

  2. No worries! I’m with the UMC on many counts. I’m in the ELCA by the grace of God, and not by birth or any absolute denominational allegiance. And anyway, we are all sisters and brothers in Christ!

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