So you say you want a publication . . . .

23 September 2006

I haven’t been writing much lately, so submitting manuscripts and poems for publication keeps me feeling “writerly.”  I had the good fortune to get an acceptance from the Southern Review, earlier this summer.

Yesterday, during a thunderstorm the sirens went off here on the North Side of Chicago.  A rare enough occurrence, but best not to take chances, so everybody hustled downstairs, laptops and living creatures in tow.  When I got back upstairs, I almost didn’t plug in my computer.  But I did and succumed to the temptation to check my email.

To my delight, an email from Jill Patterson, editor of Iron Horse Literary Review, waited in my inbox, informing me that they had accepted a poem, titled “Poem.”  If you want to read it,  buy the issue and support literary publishing.  It’ll probably come out next year sometime, but I’m not sure when.


2 Responses to “So you say you want a publication . . . .”

  1. Elizabeth Wetmore Says:

    Hip Hip Hooray! I remember this poem and like it very much. Congrats, Honey.

  2. Tripp Says:

    This is great news, Jorge. Congratulations!

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